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  • 03 Jun 2015 10:25 AM
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    Heather Marie Wells (Administrator)

    We are very excited to share that Crystal Bridges has launched its third mobile app.

    CB Outdoors is an interactive guide to the art, plants, and other features of the Museum's beautiful 120-acre campus.

    The app covers nearly 60 plants that are found on the Museum grounds, 27 art and architecture elements, and five natural features that are found on the property.  It also covers 12 trails, including the three City of Bentonville trails that connect to the Museum’s trail system.  

    The free app for Apple and Android devices integrates with iBeacons hidden on our grounds to send alerts when users are near a special tree or plant. The app also gives users the opportunity to participate with the museum community. It encourages the submission of photos when none are available in order to aid the museum in capturing the beauty of our 120 acres. Trails and Grounds staff will also be using these photos to help them monitor the health of our grounds.

    Another community activity within the app is tours. Of course there are the tours created by the Museum, but in this app we have also included the ability for users to create their own tours and share them with others.  We know guests have their own ways of exploring the grounds and we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

    Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art welcomes all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature.

    Below are the links for both the Apple and Android versions:



    We hope you all enjoy!


    Heather Marie

    Digital Media Specialist

Arkansas Museums Association    P.O. Box 3292    Little Rock, Arkansas 72203


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