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The Arkansas Museums Association is a dedicated organization composed of museums and museum professionals. Our mission is to advance and uphold the highest professional standards within the realm of Arkansas museums. We strive to foster collaboration and engagement among our members and work diligently to cultivate public awareness, support, and enthusiasm for the diverse array of museums found throughout the state of Arkansas. As a member you received the Professional Development for free.

ENDOWMENT fund goal

Ensuring the Long-Term Financial Stability of the Arkansas Museums Association (AMA): A Comprehensive Commitment to Sustainable Growth and Excellence The Arkansas Museums Association (AMA) stands as a vital pillar of support for museums and cultural institutions across the state. Established with a mission to promote and advance the interests of these institutions, AMA has continually strives to not only meet its annual budgetary needs but to ensure a robust, resilient, and prosperous future. In light of this vision, AMA has identified several key purposes that underscore its commitment to the long-term financial stability of the association, the enhancement of its programming, and the empowerment of its members and staff.
Goal: $50,000.00
Collected: $1,125.00

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